Wooden Dining Tables vs Glass Ones:
Why Wooden Furniture is The Undisputed Winner


If you want to buy wooden dining furniture such as wooden dining table, wooden dining chairs, wooden dining sets that lasts you forever, you probably need to buy only once. You can choose between a wooden dining table and a glass dining table. But a glass dining table, although stylish and can complement just about any decor theme, has its own limitations. In this article, we tell you why wooden table is much better than a glass dining table.


The wooden furniture is very durable and can last for many years. Although a high-quality wooden dining table will require you to invest a good amount of money, you can trust that it will continue being part of your home for a very long time. Glass, on the other hand, is quite susceptible to breakage especially if you have small children in the house.

Tried and tested, for years

A weathered wood table has already proved that it can stand just about any wear and tear thrown its way. Any nicks and scratches in the surface of the table top will mellow into the design details, even becoming admirable features. And it won't matter much if you were to accidentally add more of these nicks and scratches. This makes wooden tables most ideal to families with small children.

Glass tables are not only prone to damage but can also be dangerous especially if you have small children. Also, unlike wooden tables, glass tables are unsuitable for heavy use. For glass to be less dangerous, it needs to be tempered. This ensures that even when it breaks, it won't cause a lot of injuries. Glass also attracts more dirt and dust, which makes it harder to maintain a spotless tabletop.

Available in different sizes and shapes

The one area that glass tables used to outdo wooden dining furniture was with regard to the variety of shapes and styles of glass tables. But this is no longer the case as wooden tables are also able to be made in a sophisticated and modern way to complement the contemporary world. Today, wooden dining tables come in different colors, shapes and there are even customized tabletops. You can also find wood in a totally exotic look and feel with polished color as well as a matte finish.

Because wooden dining tables are made using solid wood, they have a clean and smooth finish, as well as a surface that is scratch-free. On the other hand, glass tables are either transparent or dark. Its variety is restricted with very common designs.